The Sadonian Chronicles

The Coming of the Heroes

 An ancient evil stirs in the west.
A red star glows at the peak of Mount Ganiya.
A river goes suddenly and inexplicably dry.
The signs point to only one thing:

The time of the Heroes has returned.

In order to save Sadonia, the Heroes must set forth, armed with little more than their wits and Prophecy to guide and protect them. They will face wild animals, terrifying and unnatural beasts, unknown dangers, and their own worst fears … yet forsaking the quest is not an option, for doing so means the end of good in the world. At the last, they must battle the face of that ancient evil itself if they are to survive. 

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Fealty and Fire


It has been three months since Phillip Davenport was transported from Earth to the land of Sadonia; three months since he and Prince Eslin undertook the quest to save Sadonia from the evil wizard Maltheon; three months since Atrina lost her parents and joined with Phillip and Eslin on their quest, and together they discovered the ancient magical relic Evilsbane. 

Since then a quiet peace has fallen on the land of Sadonia, but that peace is shattered when, despite Evilsbane’s protection, danger strikes closer to home for the three Heroes than ever before. They must embark on a perilous quest across the width and breadth of Sadonia not only to save the country, but to uncover the source of this new danger, one more threatening than any they’ve yet experienced. This time, however, the price of success may just be one of their own lives. 

Available in both Kindle and paperback.

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Smoke and Mirrors

 Prince Eslin and Phillip attempt a perilous rescue mission, one far more dangerous than they could have imagined.   They discover new allies, but also new dangers that threaten to bring Sadonia to its knees.  

Yet danger lurks close to home, far closer than anyone could have guessed.  Sadonia will be thrown into greater peril than it has known for a thousand years, and not even the Heroes of Sadonia may be enough to save it.

Now available in both Kindle and paperback!


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