COMING SOON: The General Theory of Creativity

I've taught a class by this title at many events over the past five years and finally realized that I have much more to say on the subject than I can contain in a seventy-five minute session.  The book will start with the content of the class and expand on it, going into greater depth and exploring new ideas.  In addition having the content of the class in book form will allow me to reach a wider audience than I can with the class alone.  More details to come soon!

Think creativity is something reserved for a select, chosen few?  Think it's a natural talent, either you have it or you don't?  Think again!  Let your preconceived notions about creativity be shattered, and learn just how much innate, creative talent you really have.  Learn why we have the wrong idea of what creativity really is, then discover how to slay the insidious enemies of creation that haunt our psyches.  Finally, explore ways to think more and greater creative thoughts and turn those newfound ideas into real, creative creations.